Paris Heliports & Helipads for MSFS


Paris Heliports & Helipads is a Microsoft® Flight Simulator® add-on which includes in a single pack 28 helicopter platforms spread over the Ile-de-France region (the list and location of each platform are specified in a map accompanying the documentation).


Data sheet

Release date
Size on disk
600 Mo
Number of file(s)

Our goal is to offer a unique and varied product comprising a large number of private, administrative, hospital and historical (closed) heliports and helipads in order to allow a maximum of flights and destinations and an original discovery of the region.

All the platforms have been developed in the spirit of the best possible compromise between integration/homogeneity, visual rendering and search for realism while allowing a very attractive price given the large number of platforms making up this pack.


These technical specifications are general to the platforms contained in this pack but may vary slightly from one platform to another depending on its configuration.

- 28 detailed Heliports and Helipads all over the Paris Ile-de-France region.
- Specific photo-realistic 3D buildings.
- Realistic and detailed ground markings and light beacons.
- Numerous animations and details.
- Vegetation reworked on each platform and its surroundings.
- Realistic night lighting.
- Photo-realistic ground texture areas reworked for specific platforms.
- Compatible with all our others product ranges.
- Geo-referenced data for maximum compatibility with future add-ons installed on the same area.
- Development process 100% SDK (System Developement Kit) specifications compliant, ensuring maximum compatibility with new releases.
- SIA – VAC charts provided (if available).

WARNING ! Specific technical limitations make it impossible to use 2 particular platforms as a starting situation (DZ753 and DZ786). It is of course still possible to land and then take off again from these platforms.

  • LFPI : Paris Issy les Moulineaux, Issy les Moulineaux, VAC LFPI fournie
  • DZ751 : Paris La Pitié, Hopital Pitie Salpétrière
  • DZ752 : Paris Lariboisière, Hopital Lariboisière, VAC HPLR fournie
  • DZ753 : Paris Bercy, Ministère des finances
  • DZ771 : Lagny sur Marne, Hopital Saint Jean
  • DZ772: Coulommiers, Grand Hopital de l'Est Francilien
  • DZ773 : Fontainebleau, Caserne Damesne
  • DZ774 : Fontenailles, Château de Fontenailles
  • DZ775 : Melun, Ancien Hopital Marc-Jacquet, VAC HMEL fournie
  • DZ776 : Nemours, Hopital De Nemours
  • DZ777 : Provins, Centre Hospitalier Léon Binet
  • DZ782 : Guyancourt, Challenger Bouygues
  • DZ783 : Mantes-la-Jolie, Centre Hospitalier François Quesnay
  • DZ784 : Poissy, Centre Hospitalier Poissy Saint Germain, VAC HPOS fournie
  • DZ785: Versailles, Centre Hospitalier André Mignot, VAC HVSA fournie
  • DZ786 : Le Chesnay, Hopital de Parly 2
  • DZ912 : Corbeil Essones, Hopital Gilles de Corbeil
  • DZ914 : Longjumeau, Centre Hospitalier de Longjumeau
  • DZ921 : Clamart, Hopital d'Instruction des Armées Percy
  • DZ922 : Garches, Hopital Raymond-Poincaré
  • DZ923 : Le Plessis Robinson, Centre Hospitalier Marie Lannelongue, VAC HLEP fournie
  • DZ924 : Clichy, Hopital Beaujon
  • DZ931 : Aulnay sous Bois, Centre Hospitalier Robert Ballanger, VAC HAUL fournie
  • DZ941 : Creteil, Hopital Henri Mondor, VAC HCRT fournie
  • DZ951 : Pontoise, Centre Hospitalier René Dubos, VAC HPSE fournie
  • DZ952 : Saint Ouen l'Aumone, Heli industries
  • DZ953 : Eaubonne, Hopital Simone Veil
  • DZ954 : Gonnesse, Centre Hospitalier de Gonesse

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