Obstacles and VFR Landmarks - FRANCE for MSFS


"Obstacles et repères VFR - FRANCE" is a scenic supplement for Microsoft® Flight Simulator® 2020 which covers the whole of France and allows the addition of more than 500,000 objects to the scenery, including almost all of the obstacles officially listed by the SIA (Aeronautical Information Service), and which have been qualified and georeferenced.


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320 Mo
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More than 4,000 specific obstacles listed by the SIA including:

  • 1,000 radio and television broadcasting antennas, telecommunications towers
  • 1,000 microwave towers and telecom relay
  • 200 air-cooling towers, industrial chimneys and flares
  • 1,500 water towers
  • 130 marine lighthouses
  • churches
  • large bridges and viaducts
  • entire fleet of nuclear and thermal power plants

Detail of all the obstacles and markers included

  • 350,000 electricity pylons with beaconing in the vicinity of airports, representing all the High Voltage and Very High Voltage overhead networks
  • 3,000 HV transformer stations
  • 8,500 wind turbines
  • 65,000 churches, cathedrals, basilicas, chapels and religious buildings
  • 55,000 agricultural greenhouses
  • 11,000 water towers
  • 16,000 agricultural storage silos
  • 12,000 industrial tanks
  • 14,000 antennas
  • 3,500 ski lift / cable car pylons

The current limitations of the MSFS SDK can cause visual artifacts that will resolve when the ad hoc functions are implemented.
“Obstacles et benchmarks VFR - FRANCE” is built on geo-referenced data.