The NEXTMesh EUROPE products range cover most of Western Europe with a division into 6 so-called “ULTRA HD” areas with a resolution of 4.75 meters, and an HD Bundle product grouping together all the countries limited to a resolution of 19 meters.

The NEXTMesh EUROPE products range includes the following Ultra HD products: Spain, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Benelux, Switzerland/Austria as well as a Full Europe HD Bundle product in 19 meter resolution.

The NEXTMESH EUROPE products range is fully compatible with P3D V2 to V5+

Each NEXTMesh EUROPE product is supplied with a bilingual French/English installer for P3D that automates the installation and registration procedure in the simulator!


Data sheet

Release date
Size on disk
790 MB
Number of file(s)

Mesh résolution 4.75m – Altitude accuracy < 10cm
Compatibility :    P3Dv2 to P3Dv5+

NEXTMesh EUROPE provides a terrain mesh coverage for several western european countries with a unique 4.75 meters resolution (LOD13). The bundled Western Europe product (available on this store) is resampled to a limited 19m resolution (LOD11).
This products range is not an upgrade from previous French or European mesh products but a new series based on ultra High Dedinition  data from the NEXTMap® Europe program (InterMap Technologies® USA).

- Ultra HD terrain mesh resolution (4.75 meters – LOD13) for every area except whole Western Europe bundle product (19 meters - LOD11)

- Elevation data source : NEXTMap® Europe program by Intermap Technologies®

- Less than 15 cm vertical precision

- Optimal compiling compression ratio for better quality/performance compromize

- 0.5 degree x 1 degree grid splited files to optimize memory loading process

- Full compatibility with France VFR® photoreal sceneries

- Ability to combine NEXTMesh with other lower resolution generic meshes