VFR Nord-Ouest pour MSFS


France VFR Nord-Ouest MSFS is a pack bringing together in a single product all the elements and infrastructures necessary for practicing VFR flight in the North-West area of France.


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The scenery features over 30 airports and airfields including photo-realistic buildings, extremely detailed ground textures and markings, entire fleets of static flying club planes and reworked vegetation placed with the utmost precision.

These platforms are of course not the only components of the product! You will also be able to enjoy a large number of remarkable objects, obstacles and VFR landmarks referenced by the SIA (Aeronautical Information Service), reworked ground textures and vegetation, the high voltage pylons network, thousands of wind turbines, castles, churches and many others things...

Our goal for our airports product ranges is above all to offer mixed IFR/VFR platforms offering the best possible compromise between homogeneity, visual rendering and search for realism while offering very attractive prices through "bundles" grouping several airports in one package.


·         28 enhanced airports and airfields with photo-realistic 3D modeling for some of them.

·         3 large military airports added (not existing in MSFS) with photo-realistic ground texture.

·         Detailed ground textures and markings.

·         Realistic static flying club airplanes on all the platforms.

·         Numerous animations and accurate details.

·         Vegetation reworked on the platform and its surroundings.

·         Realistic night lighting.

·         Photo-realistic areas reworked for 9 platforms including military surrounding areas (Angers, Belle-Ile, Dinard, Evreux, Landivisiau, Le Havre, Lorient, Saint-Nazaire and Vannes).

·         Main obstacles and VFR landmarks referenced by SIA (Aeronautical Information Servic) (about 400 obstacles and VFR lanmarks).

·         Main lighthouses and beacons (approximately 60 objects) including approximately 30 extremely detailed lighthouses.

·         Marinas and moorings with pleasure boats (about 200 sites) on the entire scenery.

·         Numerous remarkable objects (5200 antennas, 6400 castle, 2400 water towers, 7200 churches, 1700 wind turbines, 5400 industrial tanks, 15800 green houses, 440 high voltage transformers, 3300 silos and agricultural tanks, 150 plaice huts...).

·         Electrical pylons network (63kV to 400kV) including security altitude day/night markings.

·         Roads and highways signs (about 13000 signs) on the main road network.

·         Railroad pylons near airports and airfields platforms.

·         Campsites near airports and airfields platforms.

·         Coastline and main rivers partially cleaned of excess vegetation.

·         Railroad and electrical networks cleaned of excess vegetation.

·         Compatible with all of our others product range.

·         SIA – VAC – IAC – APT – ARRDEP charts provided.


You will find below the geographical coverage map of the different products in our VFR range and more particularly that of the North-west region as well as the list of airports and airfields modeled for this region.

Couverture de la scène


A map in KMZ format making it possible to locate these platforms as well as the main objects present in the scenery is available on the product page of our France VFR® site and our VFR Network store.

France VFR Nord-Ouest airports and airfields list :


LFAB : Dieppe Saint-Aubin                                LFOV : Laval Entrammes

LFAE : Eu Mers - Le Tréport                              LFRC : Cherbourg - Manche

LFAL : La Flèche Thorée-les-Pins                    LFRD : Dinard - Pleurtuit - Saint-Malo

LFAU : Vauville                                                   LFRF : Granville - Mont-Saint-Michel

LFEA : Belle-Ile-en-Mer - Bangor                  LFRG : Deauville - Normandie

LFEB : Dinan Trélivan                                       LFRH : Lorient - Lann-Bihoué

LFEC : Ouessant                                                LFRI : La Roche-sur-Yon - Les Ajoncs

LFED : Pontivy                                                   LFRJ : Landivisiau

LFEQ : Quiberon                                               LFRM : Le Mans - Arnage

LFES : Guiscriff Scaër                                      LFRO : Lannion

LFEY : Ile d'Yeu                                               LFRT : Saint-Brieuc - Armor

LFJR : Angers marcé                                       LFRU : Morlaix - Ploujean

LFOD : Saumur Saint-Florent                        LFRV : Vannes - Meucon

LFOE : Evreux-Fauville                                  LFRZ : Saint-Nazaire - Montoire

LFOO : Les Sables d'Olonne - Talmont       LFTQ : Châteaubriant - Pouancé

LFOS : Saint-Valéry Vittefleur