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  1. Good morning Daniel, thank you for replying. I just read the guide and I find that my order is correct. I have sorted my sceneries for countries and regions: -Germany, France, Benelux-. In the France-sction TLSC is at the lowest level. The global landclasses like openLC are much more below; you can't see them in the screenshot, at about 460. OpenLC Europe is deactivated by the way because I did the fly in France completely. Do you have an idea in which order it should be? Maybe the look at this pictures is correct and it has to look in this way? Kai
  2. TLSC is at the lowest position with my France-addons. Please see the screenshot. By the way, everytime I do not know what to do for a new password because my choice is not valid. Is there a trick keeping it valid? Kai where is the closest gasoline station
  3. Just bought, installed and tried TLSC. But it looks a little bit weird: textures like cutting with a knife and strangely merged landclasses, especially urbans. Does it have to look in this way? I use FTX Global, openLC Europe (deactivated) and TLSC. Maybe there is something I do wrong? Kai
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